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Vietnamese Fish Ball Noodle Soup Recipe

Prep: 15 mins Cook Time: 40mins TOTAL: 55 mins

Ingredients: • 500gm Chicken thigh/Pork (minced or sliced) • Sunny Seafood Fish Ball (250gm-half a pack) • Fish Sauce • 1 Tbsp Spring Onion’s (white stalks) • 1 Tsp Salt • 1 Tsp Pepper • 7 Cups of Water OR Chicken Stock OR you can use ready-made wonton soup base powder mix for convenience. Instructions: 1. Add the chicken/Pork to a bowl together with the chopped spring onions, salt & pepper, mix all ingredients well. 2. Bring the water/Chicken stock to boil, spoon in the mince, bring back to boil & spoon out impurities that rise to the top, turn down & simmer for 20 minutes. Turn Heat up and add fish balls, simmer for 20min---*If you wish to add Sunny Seafood prawns (31/40 380gm Cooked Tail on), mushrooms or Asian greens you would do so at this point.

3. Add Fish sauce to taste, pour hot broth onto noodles & serve.

NOODLES - prepare whilst the stock is simmering • 300gm Sunny Seafood dried Vermicelli • Chopped Spring Onions (Leaves)-to garnish • Crispy fried Garlic- Optional (Garnish) • Crispy Shallots • Coriander • Bean Shoots/Asian Greens

Cooking Instructions: 1. Follow cooking instructions on noodle packet & place in a bowl 2. Garnish with chopped spring onions, fried garlic & onions 3. Pour hot broth over noodles & serve. Note: --*This recipe you can adjust by adding Sunny Seafood Prawns & Asian greens/Mushrooms

Download and print the recipe below

Download PDF • 402KB

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