About Us

Sunny Seafood takes its name from its founder, Sunny, who migrated to Australia from Vietnam with his family in 1978. They arrived here with just the clothes on their back and a dream. 19 years later, in 1997, after more jobs and small business than Sunny can remember, it came true; Sunny Seafood was born.Like many great business ideas, it had actually started as another idea altogether. Sunny and his wife had invested their life savings in a fresh fish shop on Victoria Street, Richmond. Known as Melbourne’s ‘Little Vietnam’, Victoria Street’s steady stream of Vietnamese customers kept demand for seafood high and encouraged the couple to dream a little bigger; to not only buy fish from local suppliers, but to import frozen seafood from Vietnam.

Today Sunny Seafood services over 200 customers, in Victoria and nationally. You will find and our extensive range of frozen Australian and imported goods in your local restaurants, supermarkets and fish shops. We carry over 300 lines of frozen goods, including an extensive range of seafood, vegetables, herbs, ready-cook finger foods and food service products.We are renowned for and take great pride in our quality products; every single item in our range is sourced and produced with an eagle eye for detail. Whether that’s in selecting the best fish from the day’s catch or choosing the packaging, we have a genuine goal to be the best in the business.

We cater for a wide range of high and low volume customers. No matter how large or small an order, Sunny Seafood aims to be your frozen seafood supplier. At all times we aim to meet your highest expectations for customer service.

With a new Sunny headquarters featuring state of the art storage facilities now open for business, we are expanding our range of first grade frozen goods. The dream for Sunny Seafood continues to grow.

We look forward to hearing from you

The team at Sunny Seafood